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I'm a social media expert and a web designer.
Ask me anything and you will get perfect answers
I have personally designed all my business websites and for so many clients.

Social Media Training

I can train you and coach you on how to do the business online including scheduling of your posts so that if you're busy you can have the proven and cost effective digital systems working for you. I built four of my businesses very successfully working on social media for 30 minutes a day. I can share with you my success tips

Social Media Management

I have trained a team of Independent Social Media Managers located in Canada and USA that can take over your social media responsibilities and help you to grow your business. 
If you are too busy to implement your social media strategy, have someone who is certified in this area to do it for you. I can refer you after i have looked at what you're currently doing. 

Web Design & Printing
My businesses offers a one stop shop for small businesses. To achieve this goal, we build very fairly priced websites for small busineses starting at $699 for a 5 page website. We also provide hosting and domain name registration at an extra but affordable rate starting at $150.

Printing Work
We co-ordinate printing for all your marketing and promotional materials. We ship your printing work all over Canada and USA. Please contact us for a specific quote.

I thrive in helping small businesses and watch them grow. From an idea to 5 years in business. 
Let's roll out the vision.

When I do one-on-one coaching the focus is on you, your business and your team. If you ever want to be successful in social media marketing chat with me. Social Media is a different animal, you don't approach it the way you approach other sales and marketing methods. But yet done right it's the most rewarding strategy that will grow your business faster than any other channels. It's the most affordable and flexible marketing method.

Geographical Expansion
Are you only building your business in your backyard (your city)?. How about if i can help you to expand in other cities and internationally?

Team Building
Can your team duplicate what you're doing? Can train them for you to duplicate?
Has your team told you that they don't want to talk to their friends about the business? Have they disappeared on you and no longer answering your calls? How about if i can help them to acquire new  prospects  who are not in their current friend list?  I can show you and your team how to acquire a minimum of 10 prospects a day. Do you now see the vision of how your business growth can be achieved faster? If so and you are serious and motivated, contact me!

Online and Offline
I can coach you on how to effectively host your own offline business networking Events. I'm an expert in this area. I have held my own Networking Events very successfully 

Strategic plans
Compiling your strategic marketing plans is my forte. This is what i did in the banking sector for many years.  Let's put those ideas into paper and implement them.  Let's craft your action oriented  business social media blueprint. 

The main emphasis is to provide you the social media blueprint for your business that will guide you on what you need to do to grow your business online. You will have step-by-step guide on what to do each day to be successful.

Business Performance
Monitor how your business is performing using social media analytics. I will guide you step-by-step on how to use free social media weekly monitoring systems. As well as how to build audience and generate free leads

The cost for the social media marketing strategic blueprint creation is agreed upon with each client because each business is different and what i need to recommend  that you implement to achieve your success may be different from another type of business.
I will study your specific business type andrecommend specific strategic
 action suitable for your business growth.

All i require of you is to be receptive to change and and willing to implement what i recommend right away so you can start seeing positive changes in your business. I look forward to working with you.

I have been in business for over 25 years and have experience in owning and operating several businesses including a retail store in Canada where i owned a Spa. I believe in working with businesses from a point of experience, knowledge and expertise. I'm  a former high school teacher, a former senior manager in the banking sector where i worked for a combined 16 years specializing in Credit and Debit card Divisions. I'm very well versed in Network Marketing having worked with 2 key companies. A former Independent Associate at Director level with a North American Legal services company and a former Independent beauty consultant with a Cosmetics and Beauty Manufacturing company. I'm a past  member of 5 Chambers of Commerce in Canada and Detroit. I worked in an International Hotel chain specializing in customer service. I have operated businesses in Canada and internationally with high energy and determination to do well. I train business owners to do the same. I believe in empowering others to excel in their businesses. Connect with me on Social Media. I'm extremely active there, you can't miss me. Heads up, I have maxed out on the number of new friends i can add on Facebook but let's connect on all the others sites. On Facebook follow me at

  1. High School Teacher
    Bachelor of Education degree
    This was my first job after university in 1991. I enjoyed teaching geography, history and social ethics. It's so wonderful that i have been able to connect with some of my former students on social media.
  2. Senior Banking Manager
    Canadian Banking and Int'l Banking
    Held increasingly senior management positions. At one time i was in charge of a Bank department with 161 employees. I was responsible for business growth and expansion. I was responsible for profit and loss account. I made several monthly presentations to the Board of Directors
  3. Business Onwership
    Owned several businesses
    I'm passionate about being a business owner. In the last 25 yrs i have owned women's clothing boutique, licensed daycare centre, cleaning company, aesthetic spa, social media training academy, SEO & website design, printing, event planning, Business consulting firm and Resource Centre.
  1. University Dregree
    B.Ed Degree 1988-1991
    I enjoyed studying world geography, history and psychology. I'm so happy that i have been able to travel to many countries that i read about and taught about. I now live in Canada but i have traveled to USA, Netherlands, UK, Cyprus, Italy, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Kenya. I enjoy living in Canada and this is the country i call home.
  2. Aesthetics
    Certified Nail tech, Lash tech & Esthetics
    I enjoyed serving my clients at my retail Spa in Canada which i closed in 2015 to pursue my current business ventures. I still maintain and take care of a few of my regular very loyal aesthetic clients. I would never want to forget this important skill so my few clients helps me to keep up to date.

So honoured to have received this message from the Facebook CEO Mr Mark Zuckerberg and the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg
I think business. If i can be of any help to grow your business feel free to contact me.
I have the systems to help me hold realtime online meeting with many business owners around the globe. So you don't need to worry about the distance. Internet has made the world a small market place. I also work around your availability, i have had to be awake at 3am to have meetings with my clients that are in other time zones. All i need is proper scheduling of the meeting and for you to make sure you attend as planned. I appreciate 12 hour meeting cancellation notice, so i can use that time to help other business owners.
  1. I have served so many clients over the years and received great and powerful testimonials. Feel free to check them out on my social media sites where i post them as i receive them

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Check out my other websites. Desiging websites is my passion as well. I have designed all these 9 websites for myself and my businesses. If you need your website designed or Search Engine Optimizaton (SEO) project launched to get your website searchable across all search Engines, i'm your 'go to' expert.