I have served many clients and helped them to succeed at what they do. Here are some of the key testimonials

As I sit in my office today answering countless messages and inquiries from social media, from many women I am excited to partner with and help (they are interested to join my business team Boss Chics Inc.), I have to give a HUGE THANK-YOU to Lucy Jeffrey!!
Lucy and I had been long time fb friends but had never met in person. In April of this year we decided to connect in person and learn more about what our businesses were all about. I immediately LOVED Lucy's positive energy!! Lucy and I connected over our experiences as single parents, and I was so inspired by all of her business experience and many successful business ventures. She explained to me that she had primarily used social media to create her business connections and relationships. I was very much intrigued. I had been considering pursuing social media training and decided that Lucy Jeffrey had the experience I was looking for, but also shared a similar passion with me of helping others. She very much shared my vision.
I have now been working with Lucy as my business consultant, trainer, and social media expert since April. IT HAS BEEN ONE OF THE BEST BUSINESS DECISIONS I HAVE MADE!! Since following her guidance and invaluable information from her social media training I have advanced to a new high status within my company, have been acknowledged as a "Circle of Influence" and/or "Expanded Circle of Influence" achiever every month since working with her, and am expected to advance to another new high status this month!!
Thank-you Lucy Jeffrey for your expertise, your unending support, your inspiration, and your friendship!! You are a strong woman with an amazing heart!! I am very grateful for all you have done, and continue to do, for me and my business team! Xoxo
Chantelle McGuffin
Owner and Marketing Director
Boss Chics Inc
I have to give a shout out to my friend Lucy Jeffrey. If you want to learn how to build your business on social media, you NEED to talk to Lucy. You can book a 1-on-1 business consultation meeting or join one of her online courses to learn how to build your business the right way using Social Media. All 1-on-1 meetings or group trainings are held online from your home or office location anywhere around the Globe. She has helped people worldwide and has trained many business and networking marketing teams. What I love is Lucy is NOT partnered with a lead generation program system that she is trying to promote to you. Not at all...you pay for her training and she teaches how to generate your own leads using your social media sites without having to pay a monthly fee for a system! NO added fee or programs to buy so you can focus on the business you are passionate about!! She is the REAL deal providing you with AMAZING training that she has developed herself from her many years of experience in the banking industry, as a business owner who has owned a salon as well as going to the top in Canada in a networking marketing company in less than a year, not to mention her life experiences of reinventing herself in a new country when she knew no one. Lucy had decided to leave the networking marketing industry to focus on training and she is an EXPERT in social media, relationship building, recruiting, referral marketing and networking. Her knowledge and training will turn your business around and teach you all the mistakes NOT to make on social media and what you NEED to be doing to attract more clients and build your business and a positive social media presence. What you are going to love is her prices are affordable. I have spent big bucks to be trained by experts in the past. I wish I would have met Lucy before I spent that money because she offers the same information AND so much MORE for amazing, affordable prices. Contact Lucy for a consult and to book your training and please go LIKE her page.
Denise Doxilly
Marketing Director
Smart Biz Executives